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Even if - You are in so much debt that you cannot see a way out without filing for bankrupcy.

Even if - You are fed up with all of the arguments and fights you have about money, and your gut wrenches every time you are asked about the status of your bank account.

Even if - Your credit card debt is so swollen that you are embarrased to add even one more purchase to it, I promise this information will help you...

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ne year from now, your income could be 2.5 to 25 times what it is today...Or you could still be struggling and wondering why you can’t seem to make more money.

The choice is yours.
If you would like to eliminate your debt forever and increase your money stream to more than you ever thought possible, then here is how I did it with $35,000 in credit card debt and no income, and why I think you can do it in your own current financial situation.

"Do You Spend Time Thinking
and Worrying About Money

"The 'Old' Way Of Thinking About Money
Is Poisoning Your Wealth Goals!"

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"The Be Do Have Mentality"


"Today's 'Money' is VERY Different
From Your Parents’ Money

Bear with me on this thought, since it will begin to really open your mind to your true potential with money.
In years past, the United States had a financial policy called “The Gold Standard.”

Simply put, this policy dictated that the government could only circulate a certain amount of money in relation to the country’s total amount of gold reserves. If the gold was worth a billion dollars, then the government could only circulate a pre-determined amount of dollars worth of money.

As a result, the amount of money you could acquire was limited.

However, in 1971 our leaders took the country off the Gold Standard. Most people don’t know – or care – how this can possibly affect them.

Those “in the know” quickly understood what this truly means – that for the first time in recorded history, there is NO LIMIT to how much money any one person, or our society as a whole, can earn!

What an amazing turn of events!

You and I are so incredibly blessed to live in a time where money has been UNLEASHED! We can create money in any amount we desire. The government has taken away any and all limits.

With these changes in place…

"Money is Now a Form of ENERGY"

Look closely at the way we interact with money nowadays.

Just think about it. When was the last time you paid large bills with cash?

In just a few short decades, money has been transformed from a printed piece of paper that represents a certain amount of value into an infinitely HUGE unseen energetic force that we exchange in our world.

Here’s the BEST NEWS

Because money is energy, it responds to your own personal energy levels and vibrations.

When you align your thoughts and feelings about money with vibrations of abundance and wealth, then you will easily change your financial situation – faster than you ever thought possible!

It’s all due to the simple fact that...

"Money Obeys You" 

Your thoughts and feelings are energy. You vibrate electromagnetic currents and send out a “signal” that the energy of money must respond to.

Whatever you believe and vibrate about money is what your experience will be.

Money is a neutral resource. It simply reacts to your energy and takes on your belief and vibrational energy to give you the exact experience you believe about it.

Where does your “money energy” come from?

Money has Vibrations

Change your THOUGHTS and watch your checkbook!


Usually from generations of family members – either for good or bad. Just like other habits in your life, your feelings about money and your money energy was influenced by the family you grew up in.

Now that you know where your “limiting” money beliefs come from, you’re ready to move on to a higher plane of understanding…


"Wealth Increases Your Ability 
to Make the World Better

Money is a necessary commodity in our lives. Everyone understands that in our economic culture we need money to take care of our basic needs.
When you have less money, fewer choices are available to you

But when you have MORE money, you have an ABUNDANCE of choices before you

So if you have a spiritual purpose in your life (and everybody does), your ability to help everyone around you INCREASES when you have more money at your disposal.
The person who does not have enough money is consumed each day with thoughts and worry about where to get more money.
The person with an abundance of money, on the other hand, can focus on whatever she wants. She is free to think about how to bless the world and share her gifts and talents with the world.

The way I see it, it’s time to make money a spiritual tool in your life.

Here’s what I mean…

We should honor money as a wonderful resource from God that is meant to bless your life and the lives of so many others. I feel certain that God would rather have a wealthy disciple than a poor one.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I know that God loves us no matter how much money we have or don’t have in the bank. That isn’t the point.

-- I know that God is VERY willing to help us create prosperity with money.

In fact, I believe with all my heart that he will help you…

"Attract As Much Money As You Like
This is a powerful thought:
Starting today your money worries can come to an end.

You have the power and ability within you RIGHT NOW to create as much money as you want. You just need to learn how to do it for yourself.

I can show you how to make it happen.

As I mentioned before, I know exactly the kinds of frustration, stress, and worry that you are probably going through in your life right now.

But I’m living proof that anyone can do it. You just need the right teacher to show you.

How much income can you open your life too? The only limit is your own capacity to attract it.

Consider this…

One of the wealthiest billionaires on the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans in 2006 attracts $1 million dollars per HOUR.  

Two others on the list are making $13 million a day.

The current minimum wage in the United States is $5.15 an hour.  


Temporal Tapping and Money - Carol Tuttle, MRET

Where are you on that spectrum?

I’m guessing you’re somewhere between $5.15 per hour and $1 million per hour.

Probably closer to $5.15, right?

But here’s the exciting news -- the money ceiling has been raised so high because we are free to create the amount of money we really want.

You just need to discover for yourself how to reach higher.


"Let Me Show You How…"

One of my own spiritual goals in life is to help you discover how easy it can be to attract more money into your life.

That’s why I created an amazing breakthrough course called the Manifesting More Money Boot Camp.

It’s an intensive workshop recorded on 6 DVDs and 11 Audio CDs to show you EVERYTHING you must know to quickly change your own deep-seated attitudes and behaviors about money.

Newly added Manifesting More Money Boot Camp II with all new speakers and topcis... 6 more DVDs and 11 more CDs that gives you more insights and processes to create the life you want. See below...

As you watch the DVDs and follow what I do and say, you’ll immediately clear your old money energy and create new positive energy that will attract money to you like never before.

I’m an experienced Energy Therapist, and I’ll show you EXACTLY how to use proven energy psychology tools and inspirational messages to clear your negative money energy in just a few short minutes.

Imagine how liberated you’ll feel when you get rid of this energy that has been holding you back by constantly re-creating what you don’t want with money.

You’ll discover new life skills and enlightened principles to help you create spiritual wealth and affluence.

"The Manifesting More Money Boot Camp
Will Change Your Life – FAST"

When you watch and listen to the Manifesting More Money Boot Camp sessions, I guarantee that your views and experiences about money will change completely very quickly.

Here are some of the thoughts that will go through your head…

“This is amazing! I remember when I was so stuck and struggled with money. Now it’s so easy. I am grateful for all the money that flows to me easily. I am grateful for the activities and experiences I am involved with that allow me to share my gifts and for the money that continues to manifest in such an affluent way.”

That’s the power of the Manifesting More Money Boot Camps.

As your income multiplies two times, ten times, or maybe even a hundred times as a direct result of your involvement in the Manifesting More Money Boot Camps, how much is that worth in your life?

Yet the investment in this breakthrough program is just $168.00 or less read on...


Yes, it seems almost laughable that you can change your life so dramatically for what it costs to fill up your car’s gas tank for a month.

But it’s 100% true. I want you to get these skills as quickly as possible and put them into practice so you can reap the amazing rewards that await you.

There’s plenty for everyone!


To be specific, here are the exact money attraction lessons you’ll gain when you take part:

How to program money to come into your life


How to expand and multiply the current of money coming into your life


The most common limiting beliefs and how to clear them right on the spot


How to seek after riches without compromising your spirituality


Why we are to seek after riches to do good


What your ‘vibrational comfort zone’ is with money and how to change it


“The Money Game” and how to play it and why it helps change your energy with money


Boot Camp I Special presentations by:

  • Carol Tuttle - Shares her insights and discussion on money - The Money Game
  • Christopher Westra “Learning the Impossible is Possible”
  • Syl Carson – Yoga Master – “Anchoring in the energy of Abundance”
  • Leo Quinn – “How to Own Your Own Paycheck” practical tools to help those who are in debt to get out of debt


Boot Camp II Special presentations by:

  • Carol Tuttle - Money and Relationships, working it all out
  • Rebecca Marina - End Money Worries Now – The Law of Attraction and Money
  • Dr. Leonard Horowitz - Sacred Numbers – Understanding How to Use Them to Create More of What You Desire
  • Dr. Ada Gonzalez Stergion - Using Theraputic Gemstones to Create Affluence and Purpose in Life
  • Karey Williams - Teaching Affluence and Accountability in the Home


"I’ve Done My Part –
Now It’s YOUR Turn To Take Action"

Like you, I have been given my own gifts and talents.

One of these talents is teaching the money skills you’ll gain in the Manifesting More Money Boot Camp 1 and Manifesting More Money Boot Camp II.

I promise you there is no easier way for you to clear your negative money energy and replace it with positive energy than this special course. You will literally attract money like never before.

They know the Manifesting More Money Boot Camps work, because it works for them. It has lifted them up to new heights.

Let it lift you up, too.

God wants to bless you with more. God wants to use you as an instrument in His hands to bless the lives of lives.

As your life transforms with money, there will be many that will be put in your path that you will be able to help. Many will be blessed by your willingness to change your experience.

Thanks for making a difference.

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God Bless You,

Carol Tuttle




P.S. Remember, if you do nothing you will keep getting what you have gotten and you will stay in debt. All the worrying about it and talking about not enough are not going to change it a bit. The ONLY way is to work from the inside out and begin changing your beliefs forever and you will be attracting the money you truly desire! So get started today.



P.P.S. The secret to magnetically attracting more money has helped thousands of people just like you. It is amazing how fast things start to change just by listening to the message and applying a few techniques.  So act now.